Jean-Pierre Lupot Electro Acoustic VL501-EAV Violin 4/4

While plugged in, the Electro acoustic 501 violin keeps the natural warmth of a traditional violin while adding edge and a whole new dimension of musical possibilities. The  Jean-Pierre violins are made with a well flamed maple back and a select spruce top. Antiqued multi-layer spirit varnish features a reddish pigment with deep red wine hues.  The unique pickup system is embedded into the spruce top of the instrument before varnishing with no disturbance to the bridge. Our proprietary 3.5 mm jack is used as the end button on the violins and viola’s making it unnoticeable. Each Electro Acoustic instrument will come with a lightweight, low-profile cable that provides a seamless connection to your amplifier or individual playing setup, making this the easiest and most comfortable design to “plug in” on the market.


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7/8, 4/4


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