Korg CM-300 Clip-On Contact Microphone (Black)



The Korg CM-300 Clip On Contact Microphone for Tuners is a piezo clip-on mic that’s designed to attach to the bell of a brass instrument, the bridge of a violin, or even to a guitar or ukulele and captures the vibrations and sends them to your tuner. The CM-200 is ideal in situations where the mic built into the tuner might have difficulty detecting the sound of your instrument, such as when you’re practicing with an entire brass band.

Korg designed the cable to transmit sound more efficiently than the previous version. The connection between the mic and cable has been made more durable, reducing the possibility of breakage. The new clip opens up 7 mm wider than the previous model, providing more space to attach to your instrument. The rubber inside the clip has been redesigned to provide a better fit so that it can be securely attached.


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