New Instrument Rentals

Two Rental Payment Options

  1. One-time Payment for 3 Months: pay for the first 3 months, then pay month to month afterwards. Credit/Debit Card needed on file for recurring payment.

  2. One-time Payment for 1 Year: pay for only 10 months and GET TWO MONTHS FREE!

The rental can either be a rent-to-own contract, or you can accrue rental credit that can be used towards purchasing an upgraded instrument that we have in stock.

Protection Plan and Insurance

Both are included in the rental price and covers the replacement of broken strings, bridges and bows, and most minor damage to the instrument. Major damage will result in a fee. Complete details are available in the contract form.


We offer delivery to most school districts in the area for instruments reserved at least a week prior to the start of the school year. Once you have filled out information about your rental, we will provide you with details on the qualification of your rental for delivery.

FYO Supply List and Accessories

 FYO Supply List and Accessories are for purchase. This list includes the method book used by the school, a music stand, metronome, a shoulder rest for violins and violas or a rock stop for cellos and basses.


Download and fill out the forms below and bring to the store near to you or simply SIGN UP online through the table on the right.

Our Rental Includes

  • Insurance against normal wear. This includes strings breaking and any malfunctioning parts.
  • Instrument made to your ISD specifications
  • Instrument with all ebony or rosewood fittings & inlaid purfling
  • Wood & genuine horsehair bow
  • Four fine tuners
  • Case, rosin, and ID tag
  • Quality strings: Alphayue, Evah Pirazzi, Dominant or Helicore strings. Be sure to let us know if your teacher requests a specific type of string.

Payment Plan

You may make a one-time payment for 1 year (pay for only 10 months and get 2 months free) or sign up for automated monthly payments. With month to month rent, you may return or change at anytime.

The rental program allows 100% of total rental credit to be used towards the current rental outfit or upgraded instrument outfit. Renting a stringed instrument can be a smart way to keep costs low before deciding on purchasing outright.

Questions about renting?

Do I need to know the size of instrument before I rent?

Yes. Your teacher can size the student for the instrument or we can do it here.

What is the quality of your instruments?

Our instruments are considered premium instruments in the arena of student instruments. They are all handmade and we are very proud of them. They are professionally set up with Alphayue or Dominant Strings on violins, Helicore strings on Violas and Jargar or Helicore strings on cello and Helicore on Basses. We provide all the same high-quality instruments that the kids are proud to play and show, all at a great value.

Do you charge interest on your contract?

No, we don’t charge any interest or any other hidden fees.

What is your experience in the orchestra community?

We have been serving the orchestra community for several years. We love the orchestra community and are committed to it.

What is the protection plan or insurance?

Protection plan covers the replacement of broken strings, bridges, bows, and pretty much everything that can break on the instrument. Complete details of the protection plan agreement are on the back page of the contract. The protection plan does not cover the book, stand or shoulder rest.

Do you deliver the instrument to the school?

All instruments that are reserved before the beginning of the school year will be delivered to the school before the first day of school. Instruments rented after school starts can be taken at the time of the rental or can be delivered to the school.

What is the FYO Supply list and do I need to buy it?

The FYO supply list includes the method book used by the school, a music stand, a shoulder rest for violins and violas or a rock stop for cellos and metronome. These are the items you will need to play and care for your instrument, as well as things the teachers will require you to have. We provide the FYO supply list at greatly reduced prices to our renters. There can be differences in the price by ISD because of the requirements by the director. You can buy the items individually if you have some of the items already or you do not have to buy it at all.

What do I do if I have a broken string or other maintenance needs?

We will be providing strings to the teachers so that they can change strings for our students at a school. Or you can call us and come to our studio and we will change the string. If other types of maintenance are necessary, we will trade out the instrument for a similar one so that the student will continue with the program without any loss of time. It is best to call in advance in case we are not in studio.

What if I want to buy my instrument?

The rental is either a rent to own contract, or we will allow you to apply 100% of your rent credit (not including tax and insurance) paid each month toward the purchase of one of our step-up instruments at non inflated prices.

Options 3 Months 12 Months
One Easy Payment
Accrue Store Credit
Include Maintenance
Include Delivery
Include Repair
No Credit Check
Two Months Free
Comes with Rosin, Cloth, Bow and Case
Violin Basic
$54 $180
$72 $240
$84 $280
Viola Basic
14″ or Smaller Size $54 $180
15″ or Bigger Size $72 $240
14″ or Smaller Size $72 $240
15″ or Bigger Size $84 $280
15″ or Bigger Size $96 $320
Cello Basic
$90 $300
$120 $400
$135 $450
Bass Basic
$165 $550
$180 $600