Maintenance Agreement

The renter will be responsible for our instrument, including theft or damage (reasonable wear excepted), until the instrument is returned. The rental fee includes maintenance coverage for the following : broken bridges, bows, and replacement of broken strings with rental quality strings. The maintenance agreement covers broken bridges, bows, and replacement of broken strings with rental quality strings. Major damage to the body of the instrument, including but not limited to broken necks and stolen instruments, will result in a charge of 50% of repair cost. When the rental expires, the maintenance coverage expires. The maintenance coverage is not in effect during air or overseas travel except with specific authorization. In addition, theft from or heat damage while in a motor vehicle, lost or intentionally damaged instruments ; damage incurred during shopping ; or shipping costs, are not covered. If an instrument is no longer covered by the maintenance, due to nonpayment of rent, and is damaged or stolen, we reserve the right to charge the cost of repair or replacement to any credit card on file. We must perform or authorize all repairs. Renters whose instrument are stolen or badly damaged will lose any equity accrued, up to the purchase price of the instrument. Destruction or loss of a second instrument will result in a maintenance agreement charge of  full cost of that instrument. This charge is due for payment when damage or loss is reported. Non-payment of these fees may result in your credit card being charged for the due amount.

Rental Credit/Purchase Plan

This is not a “rent to own”contract. However, If the renter wishes to consider purchasing an instrument, we offer the following:

The renter may apply 100% of credit, toward the list price of either the rental instrument of one of our better quality instruments. The tax payments are not included in the “rental credit/purchase plan.”

Violin credit may not be used toward a viola or cello or be combined with other rentals’ credit. Credit expires 30 days after the instrument is returned.

Renters whose instruments are stolen or badly damaged will lose any credit accrued up to the purchase price of the instrument.

Fee Structure and Payment Policy

Rental fees must be paid in advance. Rent must be paid for the entire time an instrument is in the renter’s possession, regardless of whether or not the instrument is being used.

Instruments may be rented at three different rates, depending on the amount of time paid for in advance; (Please check the instrument choice)

Future payments will be automatically deducted from the credit card/bank card on file.

Renewal/Return/Past due Account Policy

  1. Renewals: Renewal notices will be sent the last 2 weeks before the rental expiration date. The renter must pay in advance for the next rental period by the expiration date. If you are having financial difficulties and your rental is due, please contact us.
  2. Returns : Returns are to be made by the rental expiration date, late returns will be charged at the highest monthly rate plus a $10/month late fee.
  3. Past Due Accounts : Rental payments made 10 days past the due date will be charged a $10 late fee (in addition to rental fees). If after 30days, no payment or payment arrangement has been made, a three-month rental plus a $10 late fee may be charged to your credit card. Your account will then be transferred to an automatic 3-month credit card renewal plan. In cases of nonpayment and/or relocation of the renter without a forwarding address, we reserve the right to charge the purchase price of the instrument minus any equity, to any credit card we have on file, We reserve the right to use any remedy deemed necessary (Including lawsuit)to take possession of unreturned rental instruments and to collect all past due rental fees, late fees, and legal fees, collection costs, and losses. Possession of an instrument owned by Katy Violin Shop constitutes acceptance of the terms of this contract.

Assignment of Contract:

This contract is fully assignable. Katy Violin Shop may without notice, assign this contract.

Please note : Rental rates and/or contract terms are subject to the end of any rental period.